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Buckle Up

December 5, 2018

This is going to get a little deep. It’s been a crazy few weeks. There have been highs (such as seeing family I have not seen for a while) and extreme lows (losing a wonderful aunt who fought a life long affliction so bravely). Life is like that. At one moment life is amazing and at another moment it totally sucks. That being said, I want to remember all of those moments; the moments of joy but also those moments of pain. Keeping those memories alive or at least in a place to revisit, help us remember how we got to the present and the importance of the people and experiences that helped shape who we are. So I am going to document it here, on my site, in this blog.

Starting this blog has been a goal of mine for so long but despite my best intentions, I have obviously failed. So here is another attempt. Hopefully, the positives outweigh the negatives but if not I’ll embrace it all, document what I can and keep moving forward. That’s the key, keep moving forward.

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