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Pete Burgess

Design Direction & Team Leader


February 10, 2020

Every time I start working on my site, I get lost in the process of building it. It’s not a negative thing. Nothing is depending on me getting the site built except the ultimate goal of just getting it done. And for me, the process is most of the fun. I love to tinker, and when building a website with no deadline, there is very much opportunity to tinker. Researching various tools or processes and then testing them out is so exciting and enjoyable. With every effort to build my site, I go down a path of exploration—experimenting with different technologies and frameworks. As time went on, I would tinker for a while, and then scrap what I had done, and try something else.

As I mentioned, it’s fun tinkering, and the research is beneficial for my line of work, but I’ve gotten to the point where I need to do something more with my site. I need my website to promote me better. It must come together in a way that tells my story, shares what I know and what I capable of doing. So my goal is to get that done, but I also would like to continue my tinkering, it’s important to me that I do. To make sure those things can work in parallel, I’ve come up with a plan.

I plan to build a personal site that I can frequently update with various types of content; notes, journal posts, photos, work I’ve done, etc. There are billions of sites like this on the internet. So in that respect, I’m not inventing anything new. The unique element I hope to deliver, though, is the documentation of my process, use the tinkering that I enjoy doing as a source of content that can hopefully benefit anyone visiting my site.

Over the next few months, I am going to build my new site (honestly, this post is a little behind because I’ve already started the building process). As I develop my site, I will document each significant step as well as a bunch of minor actions along the way. Each update will explain what I’ve done and, hopefully, a good reason why I did it. There are some things I already know I’m going to do, but there are many items I am still ironing out. So in a few months, this site will exist in a way I have yet, to visualize fully, and I find that very exciting.

Getting my site to a happier place will be a small journey that takes advantage of my desire to tinker. Once completed, though, my website will be a place to document the things I learn for years to come but also a place to continue refining with bits of tinkering here or there. It should be fun, and I hope that you (the one reading this. You know who you are) will get something out of it as well. So please check back soon, and if you have any thoughts to share or ideas, you think I should consider, please reach out. I am always game to try new and better things, especially if they can help get me where I need to be.

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