Tools of the Trade 2

February 8, 2017

Slowly but surely I have made some progress on my site. The biggest change has been to the backend and let me tell you, it might not be obvious but it is a big change. The site is now powered by Jekyll, hosted on Github pages, and managed through Siteleaf. In the upcoming posts, I will provide a breakdown of each tool, why I chose them, and some of the processes I went through to get up and running. I have a lot left to do but as I mentioned in my first post, I plan on documenting my progress. Let’s hope I don’t break anything. Actually, I know I will break stuff but let’s hope it is easily fixed. 🙂


It’s a little funny. My previous “Tools of The Trade” post had a disclaimer to be careful and not be too concerned about finding the perfect tool. Ease of use is still important to me. That said, I do love researching these types of tools. There is value in it too. The tools I listed above were specifically picked based on their popularity but also the knowledge needed to make them work. I hope they make me better at what I do by forcing me to continue learning. We’ll see. Either way I am sure this will be fun. If my focus needs to go somewhere else and I need to use something that I am more comfortable with, I have no problem at all jumping back to WordPress.

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