Hello and thank you for visiting my temporary website. A new site and a more detailed body of work are coming soon, so please check back often. If you are curious about my work, please view a few examples here or reach out for a chat. Thank you!!

Pete Burgess

Design Direction & Team Leader

About Pete

I am a designer, web builder, and creative consultant, but ultimately, I hope to be known as a nice guy. My family and I are planting roots in the northeastern part of theĀ Sunshine State, which is great because we love the sun and love to shine! The perfect day is at the beach with my wife and son. Jogging helps me manage my sanity, and I firmly believe a whole day spent inside is a full day wasted.

Although I have much experience with various mediums, I most enjoy interactive design and tackling problems with creative solutions. For more than twenty years and counting, my mission has been to tell a story that not only delights but informs. If they walk away helped, I walk away happy.

Anything I write here is of my own opinion and does not reflect my employer’s views.