Hello and thank you for visiting my temporary website. A new site and a more detailed body of work are coming soon, so please check back often. If you are curious about my work, please view a few examples here or reach out for a chat. Thank you!!

Pete Burgess

Design Direction & Team Leader

For more than twenty years and counting, my mission has been to create a positive impact through storytelling.

As noted above a new website will be coming soon (I really want to stress that 😉). Until then, a few work examples can be viewed at work.peteburgess.com. I can also be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Dribbble, or get in touch via email at peteburgess@gmail.com.

My Expertise

Nothing is more satisfying than mentoring and guiding creatives to stay inspired and motivated to do their best work. I especially enjoy the process of ideation and working with a team to come up with creative ways to tell a story that leaves a meaningful impression. Although I have experience in various roles, my strengths revolve around team guidance and development, collaboration, strategy and research, brand expansion, design standardization, and innovative digital and analog solutions.

Brief History

Before freelancing, I led design teams for ShapeUp and then Virgin Pulse. In 2009, I was one of the first employees at ShapeUp, a well-being platform that helped organizations guide their members to lead healthy lifestyles. As Lead Designer and then Creative Director, I managed the design teams for marketing and product. After Virgin Pulse acquired ShapeUp, I led the marketing design team as the Senior Director of Design until 2022, where we supported the brand and focused on unique marketing experiences and events. Before ShapeUp, I was the lead web designer at CoreSmart and Synergy Ad Group and a self-employed contractor.


Learning to expand my skill set. I’m also down to chat about these with anyone.

Personal Info

My family and I have planted our roots in Fernandina Beach, located in the northeastern part of the Sunshine State, which is great because we love the sun and love to shine! The perfect day is at the beach with my wife and son. Jogging helps me manage my sanity, and I firmly believe a whole day spent inside is a full day wasted.